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There is no Delete button on the Internet, so here are a few things to keep in mind…

Even if you keep your social media private, when relationships change, this goes out the window. People know how to take a screenshot, and that post you made (even if deleted) can come back to haunt you.

Further, your friends’ accounts can get compromised or accessed by others. Are you going to be comfortable in 10 years with what you post today? It will be archived forever, so don't post anything that could be taken wrong way. Off-color jokes, pictures and posts about less-than-professional activities are never fully gone.

Second, even if you don’t plan on actively using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we recommend going in and reserving your page to prevent a scammer from setting up a fake account to connect with your friends and con them out of money or worse.

Have questions about cyber security or some other IT-related issues text us IMMEDIATELY at 551-404-5056 or email at

Published by Advanced Digital Systems on 12/13/2022

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